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    It would be easiest to have a kitchen running off gas, but there’s something nice about having a wood-fired stove and oven. The planned location for the kitchen is the SW corner of the hut. Options kicking around are:

    (1) Terry, the American who owns the pizza place in Meilun, has built stoves before. He talked before about building a rocket stove, and I think he could do it. But last time I spoke to him, he wasn’t very motivated. But he has been motivated before, a year or so ago!

    (2) Tom & Zoe (living in Taoyuan) know a Taiwanese guy who built them a beautiful wood-fired oven. He likes to speak French! Oven pics to follow.

    (3) FB, also The couple are 文軍 Wenjun & 詩渝 Shiyu (Xinzhu). Built using cob ( kitchen was built mostly using cob (sand, clay and straw mix). Oven is designed so that not only the wood, but also the smoke from the combustion of the wood are burnt, leading to an output comprised mostly of steam.

    (4) FB Just got the link here, no more detail.

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