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    Condiut is a large piece of land about 30km south of Hualien, in the Coastal Mountains near Jici beach. It’s an area of forested hillside, some of which used to be farmland but is now overgrown. Rich in wildlife, featuring bamboo groves, terraced platforms, forest slopes, several ponds and a small river. Abundant vegetation, with one small man-made shelter. Lots of building materials ready to use: wood, tiles, stones, tyres etc. Direct access to the wildness of Taiwan’s coastal mountain range.

    The plan is to create a fully-functioning eco-village / permaculture community on this land.

    Ecologically low-impact and visually appealing construction; so buildings using natural materials and/or methods, earth ovens & stoves, compost toilets, gravity fed filtered water. Avoiding the use of plastic materials where possible.

    Phase 1 (2020) is to create a basic infrastructure on the land – camping platforms, water supply, toilet, kitchen.
    Phase 2 (2020+) will follow: some ideas are tree-houses, roofed gathering space for workshops & classes, permaculture zone, kiln, slack-lining area, zip line etc.

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