Jonny Wold
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Louis: ” We are not in it for the money, BUT we can’t afford to be losing any. Considering that at least 100 people – artists, volunteers and guests – will be participating and not pay a ticket (we actually have to pay some of them), it will be very hard to gather those 200 ticket holders we talked about, trust me on that. It isn’t a commercial festival, we have no big names to attract a larger crowd, and on top of that we have this virus situation that makes things uncertain for everybody. So if we want it to be a success, the best would be to agree on a date further away, so Annik and I can start the online promoting and attract more people. As soon as we make it official, I can reach out to artists/performers/vendors.
Of course if we want to make a gathering based on community work, and expect volunteers to invest time and energy, make everything from scratch, like rainbow, it can be awesome, but to be honest that’s not really what I’m going for… The passivity and lack of personal investment can be a real burden. I’d rather have a proper event with quality performances, pay the artists and workers decent money (too many time I have been “invited to perform”, not been paid, not even thanked properly…)”

Jonny: “I’m fine with a proper event, with all gate money being distributed among performers, Would be nice if we can be completely transparent about the %ages all the performers should get.”